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First time inventors and professional ones alike, create new ideas by first writing a description and doodle simple sketches recording the concept's special features.
When the Evaluation proves your idea "Raises The Bar", the key to maximizing a company's interest in licensing your new concept is to create a professional works-like looks-like model if one is not available.
MDA provides full development services that will bring your idea from a mere thought, description or sketch to a complete working model or if need be, simply enhance your existing model.
MDA offers:
prototyping  *  illustration  *  engineering  *  graphics
packaging  *  sculpting  *  copy
MDA will suggest fabricating a prototype ONLY if the idea "Raises The Bar" in its category. You are NOT required to use MDA's Development Services. You may use any development resource available to you, and then provide MDA with the finished materials for Representation to Toy Industry Executives worldwide.
Whether you choose MDA or another development service to create your professional presentation materials, the cost is yours.
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