Mike and Lynn Marra
INVENTORS, Lynn and Michael Marra welcome you to Marra Design Associates, LLC.
To bring your new idea to profitable reality, we use these simple steps:
  1. Evaluation: Does your idea "Raise The Bar" in its category? Our review process identifies how your idea measures up to the criteria essential for appealing to Toy Company Executives.
  2. Prototyping: If you wish, MDA can provide full development services bringing your idea from a mere thought, description or sketch to a working model.
  3. Representation: Should your concept meet Toy and Game Industry standards, MDA will diligently represent your idea to the Toy Company’s top Executives for FREE.
Toy Company Executives are always looking for the next "BIG HIT" idea and MDA presents ideas year round and worldwide.
Have them take a look at yours!
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