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Marra Design Associates, LLC is a husband and wife team of experts with over 72 years of combined toy industry experience and international contacts. They provide honest feedback and have the desire to work hard for the ultimate result...
Licensing your ideas for royalty income.
Michael Marra - Founder (a.k.a. "The Boss")
Michael has 40 years of toy industry experience bringing new Toy and Game products to market and for the past 40 years, as Marra Design Associates, LLC (MDA), he has helped inventors like you, license their new product ideas to toy companies worldwide. Mike's success is attributed to his 40 years of experience in the toy industry. For the first 18 years of his career, Michael held Executive positions for International companies such as Hasbro Industries as New Product Development Engineer, Marx Toys as Manager R&D, VP of R&D for Colorforms and Director of R&D Engineering for Tonka Toys.
A graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA, his Mechanical Engineering and administrative skills have been instrumental in the development of the industry's great hits: G.I JOE™ by Hasbro, WEEBLES™ by Hasbro Inc., POUND PUPPIES™ by Tonka, ELECTRONIC BOWLING by Marx, Maurice Sendak's WILD THINGS™ produced by Colorforms along with hundreds of other successful products. Mike's creative solutions to product development have generated the granting of international patents for the medical, consumer and toy industries.
As an independent inventor and agent for the last 40 years, Mike has licensed over 140 products which generated hundreds of millions of dollars in retail sales and millions of dollars in royalties for inventors like you and MDA. Some of the most notable products among the long list of licensed products are:
* 30 Second Cotton Candy Machine * 13 Dead End Drive * Friends Trivia *
* Christmas Tree Train * Old Macdonald's Farm * Law & Order Game *
* Electronic Talking Tee Ball * Bubble Flying Disk * * Hoop Bust'n Basketball *
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Lynn Marra - Inventor Relations (a.k.a. "The Boss's Boss")
Lynn was instrumental in launching Marra Design Associates, LLC and has 20 years' experience working with Toy Company Executives and heading up Inventor Relations working with individual inventors like you.
Her diligent and accurate research capabilities delving into MDA's 40 year old catalog archives have been instrumental in helping Toy Company Executives critically defend their new toy introductions by revealing prior art and competitive product features.
For independent inventors like you, Lynn thoroughly researches our archives for competitive products in the specific category to see if your new idea "Raises The Bar" for licensing opportunities.
The value of Lynn's evaluations are an immeasurable resource to help you save money, enhance your creativity and guide you through what makes a new idea licensable and attractive to toy manufacturers.
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